Putting Portable Restroom Companies on the road to success.

Putting Portable Restroom Companies on the road to success.

Putting Portable Restroom Companies on the road to success.Putting Portable Restroom Companies on the road to success.Putting Portable Restroom Companies on the road to success.

Portable Bathroom Service Truck

PortaLogix is revolutionizing the portable restroom industry. If you are a portable restroom company owner, talk to us about our innovative portable bathroom service truck options.

Portable Restroom Service Truck                                                              

PortaLogix has a patented design on a portable restroom service truck. This truck is changing the portable restroom industry through efficiency and convenience logistics. When you search for a portable bathroom service truck for sale from PortaLogix, you get one truck that does it all.

The unique design of our portable bathroom service trucks is optimized to carry a greater volume of water, as well as more portable restrooms. Including the truck within the portable restroom service truck design also saves time during pickup and delivery, because this feature consolidates drives. This increased efficiency will help make your operations run more smoothly.

Choosing a portable restroom service truck for sale from PortaLogix also allows you to build customer loyalty as your ability to respond to emergency delivery requests quickly is improved. Your equipment is stored on the truck and always ready to go. Additionally, our unique and efficient design includes four water drop points and can be driven without a CDL license.

If you’re ready to take your portable restroom operation to the next level, call or email PortaLogix today. We’ll answer any questions you have about our system and our service trucks. Call us at 585-484-7009 or send us an email through our contact form at the bottom of this page.

Most trucks are manufactured as orders come in, but we also keep trucks available during certain times of the year so be sure to ask about any portable bathroom service trucks for sale that we have in stock.

About Us


At Portalogix we have over 50 years of combined industry experience in the portable restroom business.  Having been PRO’s in Upstate New York, we began to understand the importance of proper routing, logistics and maximizing the efficiency of the trucks that we put out for service every day.  That is why we created the Portalogix service truck, with the unique patented design that moves away from traditional tankers. 

Portalogix Features


The one truck that does it all.

Combining pick up and delivery with your service routes, saves you time and money.  Portalogix will also improve your customer service and response time.  Our trucks can carry 4-6 standard units.  (Portalogix recommends 4 units be carried with the tail gate up to add extra security)

Waste Water Tank / Fresh Water Tank.

 Portalogix patented design utilizes a separate transverse waste tank and a fresh water tank that doubles as the truck bed.  Waste water tanks are 800 gallons and the fresh water tanks are 350 gallon capacities.

Duel Side Service

Portalogix trucks feature duel side service on all trucks.  This allows your service techs access to those difficult sites that we see everyday during service routes.  With water drop points on all four corners of the water bed, your service techs will appreciate the convenience that Portalogix has been mindful of.

2 wheel drive or 4x4 ?

Portalogix gives you the choice or 4X2 (2 wheel drive ) or 4x4 (4 wheel drive .)  Our low profile trucks are designed with service  technicians day to day rigors in mind.

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